Empty House Impulse Responses Library

This library is a very small collection of impulse responses of an empty house that I made for myself, but decided to put here anyway. I have always liked the extreme reverb of an empty house, and recently got access to one. Some friends of mine began some work on their house, which involved removing everything to paint and re-do carpet and electricity, etc. So, while it was empty, I made impulse responses of each room, the hallways, and some of the ventilation system (which mostly didn’t work; more on that later). The final product is very small, consisting of 23 stereo impulse responses, recorded at 24/48, as that’s the highest I could go with the setup I was using. These are made from full-frequency sine sweeps, not claps or anything like that. See the track list below for a list of rooms and descriptions.

Aside from the rooms and hallways, I took several impulse responses of the ventilation, with interesting results. What I did was place the speaker playing the sine sweep over one vent, then the mic in a different vent somewhere else in the house. This did not actually work all that well, as the frequency response was incredibly mangled by the time it reached the mic, which resulted in the sine sweeps deconvolving strangely or incorrectly. There are three that actually worked to some degree, and when applied to a sound, they make it sound very low-fidelity, as if it were coming out of a low quality speaker. The reason being that the vent absorbed a good chunk of the frequencies, leaving a crappy frequency response, similar to what small, cheap speakers have. These three also have weird tonal anomalies in them, which I left in. You can hear this in the fifth sound (counting the dry one at the start) in the demo below, where you can hear a wispy upward pitch sweep after the main sound. I left them in because they can result in interesting things, but you could remove them if you prefer.

The other three I made of the vents failed completely. You can hear an example of each of the three at the end of the demo below. In these cases, it would seem the vent mangled the frequency response so badly, that the little that reached the mic was so incomplete that the sweep could not deconvolve into an impulse correctly. This resulted in a short, piercing pitch sweep followed by a wall of noise. This would be considered garbage, as it sucks as an impulse response of a vent, since it sound nothing like a vent, but they mangle sounds in a very interesting fashion, so I included them.

The first sound in this demo is 100% dry, just so you know what it sounds like, then each after it is 100% wet with impulse responses from this library; there is no other processing. The fifth sound (counting the dry one) is of one of the vents that worked, and the last three are the ventilation mistakes I mentioned above.

Empty House Impulse Responses
23 Stereo Files at 24-bit, 48kHz, 16MB (10.7MB Download)
Includes PDF, CSV, and XLSX Track Lists

Note that these photos below were taken a couple weeks after the recordings were made, and the rooms have a lot of stuff in them. When the recordings were made earlier, the majority of that stuff was not present.