The Bane of My Existence SFX Library

Through some cruel twist of fate, I ended up living next to a highway. It lies there… Never sleeping, never resting, never ceasing to make my life miserable. Though miles out of town, I cannot escape the road noise. Time forged on with obdurate impetus as things I desired to record piled up in various stages of desuetude; plans were perpetually pushed back.

Rendered incapable of recording anything due to its all-consuming malevolence, I was left with no option but to record the road itself. This would serve as what little petty revenge I could attain.

I would record the whole ordeal at 192kHz, to capture fully every nuance of its peerless depravity, its unconscionable effrontery, its odious importunity that had proven so stultifying.

I would largely forgo my usual XY approach in favor ORTF, for I would require the increased width to contain its flagitious din, though XY would remain where space constraints dictated its implementation.

So, I spent some time recording the highway from various perspectives, distances, and times of day. Though the traffic never stops at any part of the day, it does get much sparser at night. I also recorded the road from inside parked cars, the house, a wooden shed, a mailbox (XY), a driveway culvert (XY), and a roof vent duct (XY). Most of the recordings have various birds audible, some have frogs, some have rain and wind, two have thunder, and one has the microphones placed right next to a large swarm of bees around some wisteria, all of it drowned out by road noise.

In total, there is just over seven hours of material across 19 files at 24/192, totaling 29.37GB.

The Bane of My Existence
19 stereo files at 24/192, 7 hours, 29.39GB (23.9GB Download)
Includes CSV, XLSX, and PDF Track Lists

PDF Track List

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