CRT TV Destruction SFX Library

CRT TV Destruction is a royalty-free collection of various impacts, drops, and movements of glass, metal, and plastic from a CRT TV.

Disclaimer: This entire library was recorded in a small, interior space, as that was the only location available at the time where I could make the huge mess the recordings required. As a result, the recordings all have prominent short reverb, but it was my only option.

The library contains 451 XY stereo files at 24/96. Most of the files are of a single take, but a few have multiple takes. As usual, the only processing I’ve used is general cleanup (noise removal, etc), and I have not applied any EQ or dynamics processing.

What makes CRT TVs so nice for destruction is the collection of several different materials. You get the plastic of the outer shell, the unusual glass of the screen, and various types of metal, small and large, and thick and thin.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about a CRT TV is the glass. It’s very thick (around an inch and a half thick at the front) lead glass. What makes this glass so interesting is that it often sounds more like metal than glass, so clanks and shatters made with it are very distinct from something like windows or dishes. Being so thick, this glass is surprisingly durable. The first time it was struck dead-center with a sledgehammer, the screen didn’t break or even crack (which can be heard as the last sound in the demo below).

I recorded a lot of this glass, as I really liked its highly metallic quality. This includes hitting the screen with a sledgehammer as it progressively gets more and more broken and powdery, lifting and dropping chunks both large and small, hitting the pile of chunks with a sledgehammer, and general movement, stacking, and shuffling of the pile, as well as several recordings of a cardboard box filled with the debris. Due to the highly metallic nature of the glass, the recordings are VERY bright, so you might want to tame the high frequencies a bit.

Additionally, I recorded a lot of the metal components. This included a sturdy, resonant metal frame that went around the outer edge of the CRT itself, the thin, crinkly shadow mask, some small pieces of spring steel that seemed to be part of a degaussing system, and other thin sheets of metal that served unknown purposes. These recordings include movements, lifts, and drops of each of these components individually.

There are also recordings of the mostly empty outer plastic shell with some glass debris still inside being struck, jostled, and dropped.

This demo has some limiting applied, but there is none in the actual files.

CRT TV Destruction
451 files at 24/96, 32 minutes, 1.24GB (906.3MB Download)
Includes CSV, PDF, and XLSX track lists

PDF Track List

I should have taken more photos…

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