Rotten Wood and Particle Board Destruction SFX Library

“Rotten Wood and Particle Board Destruction” is a royalty-free collection of various destruction sounds from both a rotten wood deck and cheap, flimsy particle board.

Around two years ago, a friend of mine told me that he was going to be destroying a wooden deck that was rotting away. Knowing that I’m always looking for sounds, he asked if I wanted to come over and record it. I grabbed some microphones and headed over, and we spent the day trying to get cool destruction sounds. I ended up with a lot of good material. Additionally, I had quite a few recordings of destroying various pieces of cheap particle board a few months earlier. I figured that, added together, they might make an interesting library.

This library contains 247 files at 24/96. 240 of these are recordings of the deck and particle board, while 7 of them are impulse responses. As usual for my libraries, everything (except the impulse responses) was recorded in XY stereo. This keeps a focused center image, so the sounds can easily be panned around a sound field, but also has enough width information that they take effects and processing better than plain mono files. No compression, limiting, or EQ has been applied. Some of the files are single takes, and some contain multiple takes.

Some of the rotten wood recordings have multiple perspectives, and these are labelled “A”, “B”, and “C”.

“A” is the same XY used on all the other recordings
“B” is a widely spaced cardioid pair for very exaggerated width
“C” is a mono shotgun mic for a more direct sound. There are very few of these, as it rarely proved interesting.

Perspectives “B” and “C” are strictly additional perspectives, so every sound still has the normal XY stereo version (except the impulse responses). Only a few recordings have these additional perspectives (check track list below for details), and only of the rotten wood. NONE of the particle board has additional perspectives.

Natural outdoor reverb is clearly audible in a few of the recordings, and this is noted in the filename and metadata of those recordings.

Included are 7 impulse responses of rotten wood boards (there are none of the particle board). These are extremely muffled and dull, with high frequencies that are either extremely weak or basically nonexistent. They also have highly asymmetrical stereo sound fields, and so feel uncomfortably lopsided. They also massively exaggerate low frequencies. While these may at first seem pretty useless, I feel they can be deceptively useful.

An example of how I personally have used one of them can be heard in this video:

All the tracks in this video were originally plain mono. “Impulse Response Rotten Wood Board 04 Sharper Asymmetrical.wav” from this library was used on the bassline to give it a strange, continually moving wide stereo image, for an ethereal, dreamlike feel. The asymmetry of the impulse response did need to be corrected, as well as the massively inflated low frequencies, but nonetheless, I like the effect it gave.

This library includes 145 (125 XY stereo, 16 spaced pair stereo, 4 mono) files from the rotten wood deck, 95 stereo files from the particle board, and 7 stereo impulse responses, all at 24 bit, 96kHz.

Rotten Wood and Particle Board Destruction
247 files at 24/96, 40 minutes, 1.39 GB (902.1 MB download)
Includes CSV, PDF, and XLSX track lists

PDF Track List

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