Vintage Electric Stapler SFX Library

Vintage Electric Stapler is a royalty-free library of sounds extracted from an old electric stapler. As far as I can tell, it is from the 1950’s, but there isn’t exactly an abundance of specific information on this particular model.

Yet another odd thing I found at a yard sale, this stapler was shoved in the corner with a bunch of junk. It grabbed my attention as a potential source of interesting sounds. While it was obviously electric due to the power cord, I had no clue how exactly it functioned, or if it even worked. Immediately upon picking it up, I was rather taken-aback by the build quality. Like everything from the era, it is build like a tank, weighing in at over five pounds. For a device that is meant to drive standard-sized staples into paper documents, it’s absurdly large, heavy, and sturdy, starkly juxtaposed against the small, lightweight, plastic ones we have now.

It looked like it was in pretty decent condition, other than the base, which is make of some weird, foam-like, rubbery material and is disintegrating with age. I bought it, and took it home. As far as I was concerned, if it didn’t work and I couldn’t get sounds of it functioning, I could always get the sounds of destroying it (my usual mindset when it comes to recording things). I plugged it in, turned it on, and hit the trigger (the little tab that paper hits when you slide it under the stapler head). I was rather surprised at how violent the action is. I assumed it would simply press the stapler down onto the paper, but instead it slams it down with a remarkable amount of force. It actuates so violently that it actually bounces a bit. The designers noticed this, apparently, because on the bottom of the disintegrating foam base is a set of suction cups (which are too geriatric to be useful now). The action cycles so quickly that there really aren’t any individual mechanical sounds to be heard. It’s mostly just a really short metallic smack. Nonetheless, it is an interesting sound, and there are many other sounds it can make.

And thus, this library.

It contains 43 stereo files at 24/96, totaling 26 minutes. It is mostly a small collection of various metallic mechanical sounds. Few of the sounds even sound like a stapler, so they could work as general mechanisms. As usual, I recorded everything in XY stereo, so you can mix down to mono just fine. No EQ, compression, or limiting has been used.

Vintage Electric Stapler
43 Stereo Files at 24/96, 26 Minutes, 909MB (599.6MB Download)
Includes PDF, CSV, and XLSX Track Lists

PDF Track List

All photos by Herschel Matthews

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